The Socio-Economic Problem of Heavy Expenditure in the Indian Marriages Anchal
Recently India witnessed many big fat weddings. To be unite with the soulmate is the right of every citizen on this earth. Parents too desperately used to wait for their children to be settled from the family point of view. And if the turn comes to be a marriage of a daughter then the results of GANGA BATH  or rather the fulfilment of responsibilities can be heard from the very much mouth of the parents of the gir atleast in a country like India.

Marriage is beautiful, an institution which provides all sort of  completeness, to be with someone, for care and affection to be loved by someone passionately.  Beautiful in-laws relations and many other things are the very much positive and happy things of this institution.

Recently India is very much participating in the happenings of big fat Indian weddings. Weddings are good but the utility of big fat weddings is totally out of my mind.

India is not at all a developed country till date, rather problems like unemployment, health issues, poverty, are the very much common social problems which can be found easily in all the states of this big country.
So many grand fat weddings are  over. And the Indian media or PR persons too hullabalooed  about the events as welll.

In the last few years taking a dowry is a crime. Even many girls used to reject the marriage on the bet of not providing the heavy dowry to their in-laws. It is been noticeable there that maximum of the problem of dowry is found and seen only in the lower middle or rather the middle class. And now it had spread its tentacles among the people who come under the domain of below poverty line also.

Media, news, newspapers too covered the whole coverage of such grand marriages as if it is the only most interesting and historical event. Such kind of marriages are in my opinion cannot be fruitful to the society at any cost. Throwing light just 20 years back, the trend of Beauty Parlour for a bride was considered at many places a very very high class and not cannot affordable by many of the girls. Slowly and gradually it spread it’s wings,  now it is a sort of necessity in all the parts of the country. Nowadays we can’t find a single girl who is not a part of this Beauty Parlour culture.

Again if we took a look nearly 25 years back. It was the Bicycle that has been replaced by the Scooter from  the dowry perspective. Nearly 10 years ago four-wheelers replaced the scooters and now in the present scenario it has been replaced by high-class expensive luxury four-wheelers.

Till date, the father of a girl tries his best to fulfil his daughter’s desire at any cost to make her daughter most happy on the day of her wedding.

This new trend of fat heavy million budget marriage actually created a new problem before the fathers and families of Middle and the Maximum class of the society.

It is a noticeable thing that the lower middle class always  tries to wear the dresses , the makeup as if like the artists of the television serials..They want to look like the television and movie stars without bothering and considering about their financial  background and bugdet.

They copy their haircuts, style, jewellery, accessories, dresses, cars,their  style of high class wedding and many many other things. And it is totally an impossible task to make the common people understand  , that they should spread their legs as per the situation and their affordability.

Selling properties on the name of daughters marriages, heavy bulky bank loans, car loans, jewellery loan … till what extent? The list is endless. We are now in the era of luxuries and desires, we demand for the luxuries and materialism rather than the need. And this materialism and unnecessary copy and race of the common people cannot be stopped.

Now as per the graph of last recent years the maximum robbery cases happened just for the sake of fulfilling the luxuries and desires and to maintain a particular class among the society,

Some big financial corruption, robberies, scandals and crime happened for the purpose to maintain the elitism and class, in many cases when on being caught the robbers too accepted that they did this just for the sake of their daughters or sister’s marriage. Or for the sake of fulfilling their desires. Etc.etc.
Dowry is totally banned but on the name of heavy bulky and materialistic things many new brides are losing their lives. It seems that now the perspectives of taking a dowry totally changed.

So now the root question before the common people of the middle class is that- is it a possible thing for any lower middle class for their girls to be married in the same heavy wedding style as like the fat weddings which recently happened??

Till what extent the respective members of the family going to fulfil the desires of making their daughters marriage as big-big bulky one??

We ignore the simple and non-dowry marriages. And we give a full-fledged coverage to the bulky marriages.

Ain’t we think about the father and mother of any bride who are till date unable to spend that much of money which society is superimposing on the name of big grand marriages??

When will these big fat Indian weddings will going to be stop? Too much usage and wastage of resources, food money and assets…And above that the emotions of the poor below poverty line parents??

There can be one possible thing also in this present social concern . Many teenage girls may now going to dream as like such such weddings going to  happen with them in the upcoming future.. And then to fulfil their dreams and non affordable expectations aren’t they are going to suffer??? Ain’t they are going to be the part of this upcoming new social problem???

How can a simple common man can get far away from the glamour and charm of such wedding and events in the world of internet and 4 GB data with a Mobile? To attain and afford that much of grandness is totally out of the reach of a common man.

But they will be going to try their best to attain and to make their daughter’s marriage as heavy as possible…And for that, they do not bother about paying heavy loans, heavy debts, and heavy things

I know that many big officers, like IAS officers marry many times in a very simple way. But that was not-not given that much of coverage.

This Fat Indian Wedding culture is one of the new emerging problem among the upcoming future for  the common people of India.