Comment & Reaction Policy of The National Press
द नेशनल प्रेस की टिप्पणी & प्रतिक्रिया नीति 

The National Policy believe and promote the healthy debate and discussion in the society. The National Press publishing the article and news from diverse field and interests and respecting the author’s opinion, views, perspectives, and the way they are seeing the society. But nothing is absolute, nothing is final and nothing is unquestionable. At the same time, The National Press is not believing in monolithic, one way, one dimensional, communication. Thus The National Press is encouraging the audience/ reader/ to actively engage with the writer/s, every published work. The National Press not limiting themselves here. The National Press is also promoting the engagement of audience/ reader themselves. However, all these govern by the Comment Policy of the The National Press. 

The National Press have Comment Policy simple yet mandatory to every audience/ reader who comment on the any published work on the The National Press. 

All comment/s is governed by the Law and Laws of the Land. The National Press is simply requesting to obey the Law and Laws. 

The National Press is encouraging for the engagement through the comment/ reaction and it is no need to specify the Comment Policy of DO and DON’TS, however, the Spam, Abuse, Harassment, Commenting and Reveling on the Personal and Private Life is prohibited. The prohibited comment can be filtered/ deleted/ removed by the software and/ or manually.

However, the Comment Policy of the The National Press also allowing to retain the Abusive, Harassment and such comment (except the Spam) to show the society that how some/ specific/ particular people/ particular group of people/ particular society/ particular section of people/ particular set of people/ people from the particular social identity is commenting/ reacting on specific/ particular subject/ topic/ people/ and/or different/ other social identity/ reality/ subject/ people/ or such things. 

The National Press is also welcome for the feedback in the form of reaction and comment on it’s Comment Policy, so we can improve it. 

This is your press, your media, thus your feedback, suggestions, reactions, are welcome to improve the Comment Policy of The National Press.

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